Moving Day

After nearly two years(!) of blogging here on WordPress, I’ve decided to move my blog over to my own domain.  You can now find me at http://jessinohio.com.  It’s a bit of a work in progress at the moment, but if you’re reading here, I’d love to see you over on the new site. The RSS feed for the new blog is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/jessinohio/feed.

There are No Words.

Seriously.  This is what showed up in my Facebook ad section today.



To borrow a phrase from Shakesville, “this is a real thing in the world.”  Seriously. Am I just obtuse to the needs of parents who would find this sort of thing appealing. I’ve officially removed my relationship status from Facebook just to see what happens now.  It’s becoming a fascinating experiment.

I know I promised two FOs, but I’ve still been unable to get my camera back, and it’s really pointless to talk about an FO without a picture.  I’m practicing my patience!

Does Athens have secret guerrilla knitters?  Jake and I saw this when we were out and about on Court Street last weekend.  That’s a great color on the yarn, isn’t it?  I don’t recall seeing a seam on the fabric, so I’m not sure how they secured it around the tree.  The only ways I know to make a tube like that is knitting in the round, seaming with a needle or grafting.  Can you imagine standing there and kitchene-ing a tube closed, probably in the dark, cold night?  I hate doing it for socks! I must have been quickly seamed or something, but I couldn’t see where the artist did that.


Not even sure how they got it around the tree.

Things have actually been rather exciting around here on the knitting front.  I have TWO finished objects to show you, but left my camera at a knitting friend’s house almost two weeks ago.  She seems to share the same memory affliction and has forgotten to bring it to the knitting group.  I finished the Talisman Shawl this weekend and then whipped up a quick slouchy beret that I don’t have a title for yet.  I’ll hopefully be getting the camera back tomorrow though and will regale you with photos of the FOs.  I did take the shawl to the knitting group tonight and it was much admired, to my great appreciation.  Only fellow knitters can really appreciate a lace shawl to its fullest extent.  They even gave me suggestions on how to wear it!

Two things I learned about Facebook this week:

  1. They now give you the option to “like” ads.  Really?  This may have been going on for a while, but I haven’t noticed it.  Who likes being advertised at?
  2. Facebook thinks I have a baby or should.  I assume this is based on my demographics.  Perhaps I should take down my relationship status and see if they stop showing me ads for baby stuff.  I suppose that would tell me where Facebook stands on the whole “unmarried mother ” thing.

No, I don't think I'm interested in any of these. Thanks Facebook!

I heard this story twice in the car today – former professional football player Natalie Randolph was named head coach of the football team at Coolidge High School.  The first time I heard the story, it included an interview with Randolph by NPR host Robert Siegel.

I was happy to hear Randolph report that she’s received support from the Coolidge community, including the players themselves.  It was also great to hear her remark that her main goal is to help her students succeed both on the field and in the classroom.  Near the end of the interview, Siegel pointed out that there had been quite a bit of “cranky” comments on a Washington Post article about her appointment, statements like “‘what’s a woman doing coaching a high school football team?'” I scrolled through the comments and found this gem by “Scoreboard 44″ on the first page [all spelling original]:

One sport, one sport that you really want a man coaching boys in is Football.

Boys need role models. Role models need to be men. We have recently been having this conversation that men have become to feminine in society and are boys don’t have any role models to emulate.

Now we have a woman being hired to coach what is essentially and has alway essentially been, a mans sport. I don’t care what semi pro female team she played for. This is an experiment. And the experiment is on the boys. The emasculation of the US male species, because women say it’s so and okay.

This is one sport, where I am sorry, women have no place in. I’m tired of hearing it…just stop for crying out loud, do females have to participate in everything men do? Does this make it difficult for the players on both teams and the coaching staff of both teams when they play….yes! Why do this? What point is being made here.

One sport..one sport that should be all boys and men coaching. Good Lord. And I don’t want to hear any PC crap about woman should be allowed to coach football just like men.

This is a brutal physical sport that rips the testosterone from guys and puts it on display. There is no place here for an estrogen injection.

I am not sure if this is the article Siegel refers to, since there appear to be a couple in the Post on Randolph, but the comments certainly fit the description.  Comments questioning the ability of a person to coach a sport (or do any job, for that matter) purely on the basis of their gender is the most of obvious kind of sexism.  Were that it always so easy to spot.

I’m not sure why Siegel would choose to refer to this as a “cranky” attitude rather than just call it sexism pure and simple. In the 21st century, it’s less acceptable to be openly hostile to a person because of their gender, but clearly, the attitudes still exist.  Downplaying this hostility by labeling it “cranky” does little to help discourage it, especially since, I suspect, many of those same commenters would not consider themselves “sexist.” I really doubt that Siegel intended to downplay the sexism with his comments, but it’s important to remember that small comments like this are all part of the larger narrative surrounding gender in the US today.  If we can’t even point out the most clear examples of sexism, how do we ever expect to root out sexism in it’s more pernicious forms?

The Big Red Blob

I’ve been working on a Talisman Shawl for a while now, and it looks very much like a big red blob, hence the title.

Talisman Shawl 3/11


The yarn is Misti Alpaca Lace in a great red color that doesn’t exactly show up well in the blobby photos. I’m really pleased with how the shawl is turning out, but I suppose you’ll just have to take my word for it, since it’s not showing up well in photos.

In other news, I went to a “pageant” today where faculty members competed for a crown.  The event was a fund raiser for St. Jude Children’s hospital, and it ended up being a lot of fun.  One of the faculty members did a dead on impersonation of Frank from the Rocky Horror Picture Show for his talent portion.  He had the whole thing down, right down to the accent and the (ahem!) costume.  I didn’t get any photos, but from where I was sitting near the back, he was pretty much a ringer for Tim Curry.  I trust that you can let your imagination do the work.  He even answered the “final question” portion as Frank, rather than as himself.  I doubt you need me to tell you that he was the winner of the pageant.

On Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin (my alma mater) is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the writing of the lyrics for the school song.  They’re doing a video contest for the best rendition of the song, and some family friends decided to participate:

The Big Ten Network produced a 22-minute video on the history of the song, also available online. It makes me feel all school spirit-y.  I especially love that the composer originally intended to submit the song to the University of Minnesota, but an alum convinced him to send it to Wisconsin.  Take that Gophers!


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