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There are No Words.

Seriously.  This is what showed up in my Facebook ad section today.



To borrow a phrase from Shakesville, “this is a real thing in the world.”  Seriously. Am I just obtuse to the needs of parents who would find this sort of thing appealing. I’ve officially removed my relationship status from Facebook just to see what happens now.  It’s becoming a fascinating experiment.

I know I promised two FOs, but I’ve still been unable to get my camera back, and it’s really pointless to talk about an FO without a picture.  I’m practicing my patience!

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Two things I learned about Facebook this week:

  1. They now give you the option to “like” ads.  Really?  This may have been going on for a while, but I haven’t noticed it.  Who likes being advertised at?
  2. Facebook thinks I have a baby or should.  I assume this is based on my demographics.  Perhaps I should take down my relationship status and see if they stop showing me ads for baby stuff.  I suppose that would tell me where Facebook stands on the whole “unmarried mother ” thing.

No, I don't think I'm interested in any of these. Thanks Facebook!

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It’s been a while since I posted some of the amusing/horrifying Facebook ads that show up on my profile by virtue of my age and gender.  Today though, there was a great combination that was too great to not capture.



I get that the stretch mark and shoe ads are probably related to my age and gender.  After all, what twenty-five year old woman in America isn’t dying to rid herself of some unsightly stretch marks and adorn her feet with platform heels?  I wonder if they can somehow tell that I have pictures of a baby on my profile and that’s why I got the stretch marks ad?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that ad before, and the picture looks to be of a pregnant woman.

I wonder more about the ad for freelancing jobs, though I suspect it’s there because I include a link to my blog on my profile.  I suppose that one is at least less insulting than the others.  Have you seen any *good* ads on your Facebook profile lately?

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I have seen more of these “Become a Fan” ads lately on Facebook, which I attribute to the general increase in entities have a “fan” page on Facebook in general. I didn’t click on this ad, so I don’t know whether it actually takes you to a fan page or something else, or even if it’s someone affiliated with Nomar Garciaparra who has put up this ad. I do find the whole practice a bit curious – what benefit would a famous person get from having lots of declared “fans” on Facebook? Does it help them in getting endorsement deals by “proving” their popularity or something?

This ad in particular caught my eye though with the text under the picture that mentions Garciaparra’s marriage to Mia Hamm – “Married Olympian and World Cup Champion soccer star Mia Hamm.” Does that strike any one else as bizarre? Why doesn’t the text include information about his baseball career or achievements? Then, when I found his Wikipedia entry, I saw that the text from the ad also appears in the personal life section of the page, in a longer sentence. The sentence from the Wikipedia page is: “On November 22, 2003, Garciaparra married Olympian and World Cup Champion soccer star Mia Hamm.” (as of 6:41pm Thursday June 18, 2009).

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but the whole thing just seems fishy. I would definitely never click on this ad out of fear that someone just put this together to draw someone in to some bad spam site or something like that. Or if someone really is trying to advertise Garciaparra’s Facebook page, they might consider rethinking their method here.

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Apparently both of my majors tend to lead to joblessness.

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I really should start a regular series.

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Has anyone else noticed that they get three ads on the side of their Facebook with the new layout?  Or larger ads?  It’s not always true for me, and I don’t begrudge them the right to make money off their product, but some of them are quite ridiculous.  I’m trying to remember to grab them whenever they appear to start a regular series.

Looks a bit too Myspace for me. Does Facebook even do this?

To be fair, I’ve also seen a number of ads for David Sedaris’ upcoming appearance at OU, so they do at least seem to be finding something useful to advertise with in my profile. I’ve already got tickets of course.

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