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Two things I learned about Facebook this week:

  1. They now give you the option to “like” ads.  Really?  This may have been going on for a while, but I haven’t noticed it.  Who likes being advertised at?
  2. Facebook thinks I have a baby or should.  I assume this is based on my demographics.  Perhaps I should take down my relationship status and see if they stop showing me ads for baby stuff.  I suppose that would tell me where Facebook stands on the whole “unmarried mother ” thing.

No, I don't think I'm interested in any of these. Thanks Facebook!

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No…Just No

That’s me, answering the question in this Facebook ad.

(Yes, I know I could just take my relationship status off Facebook and perhaps get rid of these…but then it might go back to the “Need to Lose Weight at 23?” or the other annoying ads that seem to know my age even though I took my year of birth off my profile.  These at least give me something new to write about.)

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I knew this was going to happen.  But it still annoys me.  Now that my relationship status had been changed to married in Facebook, I am subject all sorts of new ads.  The weight loss ads are still ever present, though fewer than when I was listed as engaged.

But now, I get ads about kids and families.  This one advertises a baby photo contest.  I suppose since there’s no field that asks whether or not your’re a parent, Facebook advertisers have to rely on their relationship status.

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