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FO: Ishbel

It’s a bit of a knitting blog cliche at this point to gush about how great the Ishbel pattern is, but I can’t help myself.  This is the most amazing looking thing that I’ve knit so far, and it was easy enough to be finished in a week.



Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague (Ravelry link for pattern)

Yarn: Marisol Tupa (50% wool, 50% silk) in color 801, Gold

Needle: size 3/3.25mm 24 inch Addi circs

This isn’t as lacy as most of the Ishbel’s that I’ve seen on Ravelry, since the yarn is a DK weight and I didn’t use a very large needle.  I wanted something that would be a bit warmer for wearing around my neck in the cold, since I’ve never really worn a shawl.

I love how this turned out, and I do hope to make another one soon, probably more like the lacier versions.  I have two weddings to attend next summer/fall, and something like this would be great over a summery dress.

I got the yarn in the sale bin at the Sow’s Ear, probably because the color is not for everyone.  I like the color, especially in contrast with my black winter coat, though now that I think about it, the color is dangerously close to one of the colors of my high school.  Blech. I’m just trying to forget that association and enjoy the bright colors.  We’re in the midst of a snowstorm now that has already caused mass panic in Southeastern Ohio.


I didn't want to actually go outside for the picture - we're in the midst of a snowpocalypse right now.


I don't see myself wearing it like this, but it surely does look amazing.

Many thanks to Jake for the photo shoot.  We had a bit of fun with Bunny and Walter who get very excited by the wrist cord that is attached to the camera:

Cat Photos 2/5/10

I'm not sure if she just got stuck in the cord or really wanted to hold onto it.

Cat Photos 2/5/10

Walter really enjoyed Ishbel too - she wanted to eat/claw it.

Cat Photos 2/5/10

I just love this expression.

Cat Photos 2/5/10

This expression, however, shows Walter at her angriest.

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Cat Lady

Not much to say, except that this post makes me feel a little like a crazy cat lady. Good thing they’re not just my cats. They were super cute this weekend, especially on Sunday when they spent most of the day sleeping.


The doctor will see you now


How cute is this?


What do you want?


Tuckered out


"Why wont you just let me have the cord on that camera?"




Fifth nap of the day?


Again, too cute.


"We're sleeping here"

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Meet Bunny and Walter

Or…my first catblogging post.


That's Walter with the icy glare and Bunny hiding behind her.

We got them a few weeks ago, but I’m finally getting around to putting up some of the pictures we’ve taken. They are brother and sister, adopted from one of Jake’s co-workers. They weren’t terribly happy to be here at first, having been taken from their home and mother (though apparently the mother wasn’t too upset by the ordeal) but they seem to have come to at leas tolerate our presence and allow some petting now and then. Right now they’re about three months old.



Bunny is the boy, so named because Jake has long joked that he wanted a bunny as a pet. I guess this is sort of a compromise, and it makes for a good joke every time we tell someone new. He’s much braver than his sister, and is fond of pulling his head just above the edge of the couch or coffee table as if to say, “what’s going on up here?” He also likes to crawl under the dining room chairs on his back and struggle to bring his paws together under the bars of the chair. I’m not doing this bit justice, but I’ve yet to get it on camera. I’ve also been trying to capture the manic tail chasing on camera, but that’s difficult as well.


Passed out after a long first visit to the vet

Walter is much more reserved, though she’s become much braver in the past week or so. I’ve had a harder time capturing her on film since she’s tended to run in the opposite direction when we have approached. We generally keep them out of the rooms upstairs, but I woke up to find them in the bedroom last Thursday since the door had been left open a bit. Walter darted under the bed when I tried to encourage her to leave and it took some serious conniving to entice her out.

Despite a few minor adjustments, like learning to keep the doors to the bedrooms closed, we’ve adjusted to them pretty well. Even if they did something bad, it’s hard to be mad at cuteness like this:


Sleeping on a chair.


This used to be where I sat to knit, but it's been co-opted.

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