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There are No Words.

Seriously.  This is what showed up in my Facebook ad section today.



To borrow a phrase from Shakesville, “this is a real thing in the world.”  Seriously. Am I just obtuse to the needs of parents who would find this sort of thing appealing. I’ve officially removed my relationship status from Facebook just to see what happens now.  It’s becoming a fascinating experiment.

I know I promised two FOs, but I’ve still been unable to get my camera back, and it’s really pointless to talk about an FO without a picture.  I’m practicing my patience!

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Two things I learned about Facebook this week:

  1. They now give you the option to “like” ads.  Really?  This may have been going on for a while, but I haven’t noticed it.  Who likes being advertised at?
  2. Facebook thinks I have a baby or should.  I assume this is based on my demographics.  Perhaps I should take down my relationship status and see if they stop showing me ads for baby stuff.  I suppose that would tell me where Facebook stands on the whole “unmarried mother ” thing.

No, I don't think I'm interested in any of these. Thanks Facebook!

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It’s been a while since I posted some of the amusing/horrifying Facebook ads that show up on my profile by virtue of my age and gender.  Today though, there was a great combination that was too great to not capture.



I get that the stretch mark and shoe ads are probably related to my age and gender.  After all, what twenty-five year old woman in America isn’t dying to rid herself of some unsightly stretch marks and adorn her feet with platform heels?  I wonder if they can somehow tell that I have pictures of a baby on my profile and that’s why I got the stretch marks ad?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that ad before, and the picture looks to be of a pregnant woman.

I wonder more about the ad for freelancing jobs, though I suspect it’s there because I include a link to my blog on my profile.  I suppose that one is at least less insulting than the others.  Have you seen any *good* ads on your Facebook profile lately?

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Sigh.  Apparently this commercial debuted during the Superbowl last year, but I must have missed it when our cable froze.  I just saw the ad during tonight’s Sunday night football game.  I wonder what the message is supposed to be here?  That the right tires will shut up your nagging wife?  I suppose I’m just not in the target demographic and too much of a humorless feminist to get the joke, but I hope this feeing of annoyance with Bridgestone (“official tire of the NFL”) resurfaces the next time I need to buy some tires.

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No Snow For Me, Thanks

Madison got about 9 inches last night

Photo "Madison got about 9 inches last night" by Flickr user GobberGo. Used by Creative Commons license.

I just read that UW-Madison (where I went to school and lived for six years) has canceled classes tomorrow due to an impeding snow storm that is expected to leave twelve to sixteen inches of snow.  Yikes.  The closest we came to a snow day in the entire time I went to school there was canceling classes at 3pm during my last winter, 2007-2008.

I can still vividly recall struggling across library mall to get to the #80 bus with the wind blowing snow in my face so hard that I could barely see.  And then, there was a bus stuck on the curve that goes around Bascom Hill, so the bus I was on spent 45 minutes waiting at the Union to see if we’d even be able to get home.  There was a pregnant woman on the bus who was a TA for an English class.  She had two of her school-aged children with her because Madison public schools had been cancelled for the day.  That day was exhausting for me, but I can’t even begin to imagine schlepping two kids out to the campus on the bus, taking them to class and then struggling home in the middle of a blizzard – while pregnant, no less.

Snow Football

Photo "Snow Football" by Flickr user Ann Althouse. Used by Creative Commons license. (Students playing football in the snow on Bascom Hill)

As much as I miss Madison, I don’t miss days like this, especially since my last winter there was so brutal.  While the weather in Athens can be less than delightful (Ice Storm 2009, anyone?) we definitely haven’t had the same level of snow and other awful weather that Madison seems to be getting walloped with in the last few years.  Of course, I’m probably now dooming Athens and Southeastern Ohio to an icy morning from the rain and wind I can hear outside now, which is probably the southern end of the storm that is bringing all the snow to Wisconsin.

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Amusing Ads

I’m no big fan of advertisements on television, especially those for beer, but I find myself amused by this ad for Heineken.  The thirty second ads features several young hipster types grooving in the back of car to Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.” Toward the end of the ad, a much older man we realize is a cab driver turns up the sound and starts singing along. It’s short, fun to watch and to the point.  It doesn’t always have to involve alcohol, but I’m sure many people recognize the “singing along to stupid songs with my friends” moment.

Now, if someone would just tell Comedy Central to stop playing this ad every commercial break, it would be great.  Even amusing ads get old eventually.

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Apparently both of my majors tend to lead to joblessness.

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